The Visual Diaries 1985 onwards

The seeds that were sown during the early Florentine visits more than a decade before, were now to manifest themselves when in 1985 I unexpectedly created the collage "A Portrait of Jayne" - a compilation of everything, words and images that I felt started to bring together many of the feelings that I was trying to express. Many more were to follow, all related to important experiences and events in our lives, for example the birth of our grandson Kai with 'For Karen, Kai and David' 1985. In essence the work was simply a reflection of what was surrounding me on the walls of the studio. It was to be a turning point and from that moment on the Visual Diaries were to become essential elements to any series of works I was to produce.


A portrait of Jayne
Mixed media 1985


For Karen, Kai
and David

Mixed media 1985


Images that provide the answers
Mixed media 1985

Askrigg, Wensleydale
Mixed media 1986


The Involvement
is continuing

Mixed media 1986


To all those pages
Mixed media 1988

VT: Ednas Place Studio
The visual diaries


Ednas Place Studio
Self portrait series
Work in progress


A portrait for Kai,

Mixed media 1989