The Chapter Series 2007 onwards
Cornwall, Tuscany, Spain, France, Greece and USA

Gradually, the studio itself at Predannack and the use of my sketch book (both the drawings and the writings) during my summer's of travel, were to become very influential in the way in which my work was to develop.
It resulted in the creating of my website, followed by three articles in the Modern Painters Magazine during 2009, which were an attempt to offer the public an insight into how my work was developing.
The importance of the studio and the sketch book continues.


Modern Painters Magazine
Summer issue 2009


Modern Painters Magazine
September issue 2009


Modern Painters Magazine
November issue 2009

Studio 2008


Studio 2012


Studio 2013

Chapter 84
Page 1
Mixed media 2012


The Winter of Chapters
Chpts 76-79
Mixed media 2011-2012


Chapter 84
Page 2
Mixed media 2012