Recent work: The Chapter Series 2004 onwards
Predannack Studio, Cornwall and El Cachete, Spain

Following my move to the new studio at Predannack Wollas on The Lizard peninsula in the spring of 2005, I also decided to accept more invitations to teach in the UK and abroad during the summer months.Since then, I have been fortunate to have had many rewarding experiences in Greece. Italy, France and Spain. It is inevitable that in their vastly different ways, each location has had a strong influence in how my work has developed. None more so than my visits to El Cachete, which enabled me to renew my important relationship with southern Spain that had started over 10 years previously at the Fundacion Valparaiso. Equally as important has been the recent changes to the family situation with my daughter Jayne and her boys, Jake and Ifan, moving to Truro from London and my wife Irene retiring from full time employment.

As a result, many new chapters have continued to unfold, but also others which I had not anticipated. Each being very much related to what has gone on before and what is happening in our lives at present.


Page 6
The El Cachete
Chapter 42, Spain
Mixed media 2004


The El Cachete Chapter 42, Spain
Mixed media 2004


The Corbino Chapter 41, Tuscany
Mixed media 2004

Page 2
The El Cachete
Chapter 47, Spain
Mixed media 2005


A Year of Chapters

Cornwall, Spain and Tuscany
Aug 2004-Sept 2005


Chapters 52-54
Mixed media
Spring 2006

The El Cachete Chapter 55, Spain
Mixed media 2006


A Winter of Chapters 56-58
Mixed media
Winter 2006-07


The El Cachete Chapter 59, Spain
Mixed media 2007