The Galleries

Needless to say that both the images and words used within these Galleries tell only a small part of my story. However, I do hope they give you an insight as to how my work has evolved over the years. It is a complex story with an underlying goal that remains as simple today as it was over 45 years ago back home in the Valleys of South Wales - a basic need to try to express the love I have for my family and the place where I belong... and the continuous ever evolving search to find the most satisfactory format for conveying these feelings.


Early Work:
The Rhondda Valleys, South Wales

1961 - 1962


& 1973




The Visual Diaries
1985 onwards


Cornwall and Tuscany

The View from Corbino, Tuscany


Spain and Tuscany


The Story Book, Window and Chapter Series
1996 onwards


The Chapter Series, Cornwall,Wales, Tuscany and Spain
2000 onwards


The Chapter Series, Cornwall, Tuscany and Spain
2004 onwards

The Chapter Series. Cornwall, Tuscany, Spain, France and USA
2007 onwards